In a tight, trapped, & spirit contained experience you need to BE the universe & you will be free!

We can use the awareness that spirit can be trapped by negative realities, like chronic pain, but cannot be contained.

Spirit is defined by infinite possibilities and opportunities for us. It is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal. You are about to do something difficult, say, take a test. You are feeling very tense. You know you are prepared, but a type of panic has set it. You sense that the panic will diminish your ability to do well.

What do you do? Try a guided imagery!

Focus on your body.

Feel the contours of your body--the sensations of your body as it contacts the chair you are sitting in.

Now take a breath in, imagining that your body has expanded just a few inches.

You notice you are more spacious as you exhale.

You breathe in again, allowing yourself to expand even more.

As you exhale you notice you are beginning to take even more space.

You fill the room, your block, your part of town, all of the town, getting more and more spacious until you are looking down on the earth from space.

You float in the expanse of the universe, with peace, without limits.

You are free to be, free to be your best self, free to do your best work.

Glorious freedom. Free.

Now slowly come back to your body in the chair.

Feel the spaciousness that is present.

Allow yourself to take that freedom with you into the test. You may use a simple inhale to remind you of the spaciousness of spirit that is your birthright.

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