Self-love flows from the recognition of yourself as having infinite potential

Standing in the ocean a few weeks ago, I was suddenly overcome with the incredible power that I was experiencing.

As waves came in, I had to be alert to keep my footing. The sand receded from under my feet as the sea withdrew and again, I had to adapt to the changing moment.

Many of us have had similar experience or can imagine it.

There is an understanding that the ocean will not be changing its nature for me. And I realized that I can’t change my nature, I am a human being. I will never be an ocelot, for instance. I only have my nature.

I can allow myself to fully love and regard my nature as the vehicle of my existence. And my nature allows me to have infinite potential to experience the classic patterns and subtle variations of my life. And other humans have that same potential to experience their own patterns and variations.

We are all able to participate in the experiences we have - to move with them – to shift the way we stand in them. And ultimately to express our nature and purpose in how we live, how we give meaning to life itself.

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