There is no impossible only the idea it is not

The potential to be creative and innovative, to solve impossibility, is only limited if you think it is. This results from being unaware of your innate power, and/or lacking the knowledge to access this potential, will often have you concluding you are without options, powerless, and helpless. The problem with limited awareness is that it often generates unnecessary compromises and limited outcomes.

It goes something like this:

I want to take a vacation. And I have 7 days off work. The thing I would like to do most in the world is swim with the sardines off the coast of Greece. But I do not have a lot of money. So, I will drive to my sister’s and stay with her.

Here is another possibility.

You make a multi-year plan to get what you really want. You save money, look for bargains, ask friends for air miles.

To get yourself in the habit of thinking creatively, ask yourself, if I were not willing to look for the "NO" just yet, what would my "YES" be? Will that be my YES next week? Next month? Then commit yourself. Find out what it takes and do it.

When a NO shows up, find the way to use your imagination and creativity to make it a YES. That is the idea!

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